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Purchasing principles


If you’re interested in purchasing item`s and having them shipped to Your country, contact us by filling out this form or by sending an e-mail to sklep@ekspedycyjny.pl.


Shipping costs may vary according to the country of destination and the order value - depending on the order value, we can give you shipping costs descount. Shipping time depends on product availability (maximum 7 days from the placement of order), on the country of destination and on whether the shipment is to be expedited via DHL courier or by traditional post.


Ekspedycyjny.pl - the online outdoor equipment store operates under the provisions of Polish law, which is compatible with the EU law. Payments are accepted in Euro or polish zloty.


Proof of purchase will be issued in English.


We stock up on top-quality products bought directly from the manufacturers or their authorized distributors. All products have the minimum warranty period of 2 years. The manufacturer’s warranty is often longer, sometimes unlimited. In such events, the information of extended warranty period is included in product description.


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